Light Curtain Muting

Light Curtain Muting Issues

If a load or pallet stops while transfering through a light curtain, it is most likely an issue with the muting of the light curtain (sometimes called a light screen). To better understand the muting sequence, refer to the article titled General Safety Information.


Almost every muting issue is caused by an improperly aligned, or improperly set muting photo eye. This photoeye can be mounted many different ways, but it will usually be the photoeye inside the fencing, closest to the light curtain. Bellow are common symptoms and remedies:


Symptom Cause Action

Load stops immediately when reaching the light curtain

Load is reaching the light curtain before the muting PE senses the load

Increase the sensitivity, relocate, or adjust the angle of the muting PE

 Load Stops sporadically in the middle of the light curtain

The photoeye is flickering as the load transfers

Increase the sensitivity or adjust the angle of the muting PE

 Load exists the fencing, but the robot is e-stopped

The photoeye is too far from the light curtain

Move the photoeye closer to the light curtain





Check this photoeye's performance and alignment before investigating other issues that may be causing muting issues.