Calibrating the KCP Touch Screen

Calibrating the KCP Touch Screen

The following are instructions on how to recalibrate the KRC4 KCP (KUKA Control Pendant). You'll need a USB keyboard to accomplish this.

Step 1 - Plug in the USB Keyboard

Open the cover on the back of the KCP to expose the USB ports. Plug in the USB Keyboard into the port



Step 2 - Turn the Mode Selection Key

Turn the key at the top of the KCP to bring up the mode selection screen

Mode Selection Key


Step 3 - Press the Menu Button

Press the physical menu button at the bottom right of the screen.

MCP Menu Button


Step 4 - Start the Calibration

Press the "Display" option, followed by "Calibrate" to begin the calibration process.

Calibrate Menu


Step 5 - Calibrate the Screen

Follow the on screen instructions in order to conduct the screen calibration. There is a stylus in the handle of the KCP if needed. Once complete, it will prompt you to use the keyboard in order to save or discard the new calibration.

Step 6 - Close the Menu

Once you are done, return the selection key (shown in step 2) to its original position.