Chain Conveyor Attachment Status LED

Conveyor Attachment Status LED

The AMR chain conveyor attachment has an indicator LED that indicates the current status of the conveyor.

The chart bellow describes what the different colors and patterns indicate

    Solid Flashing (Slow/Fast) Flash 


Ready to Start in Auto    


In Auto Mode    
(Conveyor Motion)

    (FAST) Conveyor Running
(Mode Indication)

Manual Mode Starting Auto Mode  
(Dry Cycle Mode)

  Dry cycle Mode with handshake bypass (SLOW) Dry cycle Mode without handshake bypass


Attachment Fault Factory Fault  
(Fault Indication)

    (FAST) Fault Number Flash (see below)


Fault Number Indication:

While faulted, hold the "Release Control" button. The LED will become solid amber for 2 seconds, then flash green a number of times. The number of flashes indicates the fault state as indicated below. Stop holding the "Release Control" button to stop the fault number indication. If the button is continually held, there will be another 2 second amber, followed by the fault code again.

1 - Emergency Stop Fault
2 - Load or Unload Fault
3 - Not Docked while Loading/Unloading
4 - Servo Fault
5 - Handshake Loss Fault
6 - Heartbeat Loss Fault
7 - Pallet Position Fault
8 - Load/Unload Timeout
9 - Not in Auto