AMR Perimeter LEDs

AMR Perimeter LEDs

The AMR is equipped with lighting designed to signal what a robot is doing at any given time by changing the light color and flashing frequency - the light pattern - to indicate a robot's state or motion. Coupled with audible indications, the AMR will indicate what behavior to expect.



The chart bellow describes what the different colors and patterns indicate




Visual Indicator

Starting Up The OTTO AMR is on but has not completed the boot cycle. 

Starting Up
Full Solid Dull White

Normal Travel  The OTTO AMR is traveling normally.

Front Solid Dull White

Rear Solid Red

Reversing The OTTO AMR is reversing. 

Rear Solid Dull White in direction of travel

Front Solid Red with Dull White

Turning  The OTTO AMR is turning. 

Side Blinking Yellow in turn direction 

About to Move  The OTTO AMR is about to start traveling after an Emergency/Safety Stop or after not moving for at least 10 seconds.

White Pulses Chasing from Center to Corners

Charging  The OTTO AMR is charging at a Charging Dock. 

Rear Corners Red Green Slowly Expanding indicating charge level

Front Corners Orange 

Parked  The OTTO AMR has entered a Parked state.

Rear Corners Red

Front Corners Dimmed 

Docking  The OTTO AMR is docking.

Front Solid Dull White

Rear Solid Red Alternating Yellow Stripes

Narrow Corridor  The OTTO AMR is entering what it considers a narrow corridor.

Front Dull White

Rear Red Blinking Yellow Stripes

Manual Control  The OTTO AMR is being manually controlled.

Full Solid Blue

Front Dull White 

Attachment Activated  The OTTO AMR has activated its attachment.

Full Pulsing Yellow

Working In Place The OTTO AMR's movement is locked as it waits for further input from a user or attachment.

Full Green

Blocked  The OTTO AMR is blocked from proceeding on its planned path.

Front Flash Yellow

Rear Solid Red 

Safety Stopped The OTTO AMR has been placed in a Safety Stop state. 

Front and Rear Flashing Red

Front Narrow Solid Dull White

Emergency Stopped  The OTTO AMR has been placed in an Emergency Stop state. 

Full Flashing Red 

Failed Target Find The OTTO AMR has failed find its target (Dock, Cart, etc.).

Front Solid Dull White

Rear Solid Red

Lost The OTTO AMR can't determine its location relative to its loaded Map.

White Light Chasing

Lost Connection to WiFi/Fleet Manager  The OTTO AMR is disconnected from the WiFi signal/Fleet Manager.

Front Flashing Yellow/Orange

Rear Flashing Yellow/Orange Flashing

Operating System Failure The operating system for the OTTO AMR has failed to run.

Full Solid Red